Red Clay

A Hot Commodity

While out for dinner a few years ago, Molly Fienning encountered one of Charleston’s culinary urban legends: a hot sauce that patrons were stealing right off the restaurant table. She was amused by the sauce’s lore and added a few dashes to her meal. The Fresno-based sauce was full of flavor, subtle heat and complemented every bite.

Suddenly, Molly had become a hot sauce person.

The Chef Behind it All

The newly converted hot sauce fanatic begged the chef to visit her table and they traded stories about food, flavor and family. Having never been a big fan of hot sauce, she was enamored by the literally life-changing sauce Chef Geoff Rhyne had created. Within the year, they partnered to bring Geoff’s sauce to tables across the country – no subversive dinner thievery required.

Recipe for Success

Prior to Red Clay, Molly had launched a number of fast-growing brands including Babiators – one of Forbes 100 Most Promising Companies. What she saw in this next venture was Geoff’s authentic reverence for tradition, hard work and fresh foods – all things that define Red Clay to this day.

Red Clay Provisions LLC
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