Quaponda Tribe

In the summer of 1988, Mother Quaponda Parks, a Cherokee Queen birthed the first born son of her kingdom. Elders who prophesied his birth harvested herbs in honor of Mother Quaponda's vision of stillness, tranquility, and wisdom. Many indigenous Queens danced with sacred sage, as the Kings inhaled their herbal peace pipes under the light of the red moon. The air filled with fragrances of rare flowers and herbs. Each sacred relic was dedicted to peace, love and light. 

In the spring of 2011, Mother Quaponda later transitioned in peace. The eyes of many tribes flooded with tears as the first born son watched heaven's angel returning home. He was now the first to see an angel share its halo. The halo was passed on to her son with the gift and access of recreating living history and indigenous experiences.

Tribes from the cultural diaspora continnue to honor Mother Quaponda and recreate her prophecy alongside her son. Today he is Halo Alkemis-Ptah Quaponda, the Black Hron; elected Chief of Quaponda Tribe. 

All items handcrafted by the elder council of Quaponda. 

To properly manifest the experience of these items simply apply a small flame to begin smudging the SAGE and or smoking the Heron Smokes. SAGE and Heron Smokes are indigenous trademarks of Quaponda Tribe. For the best experience, use with a clear mind and heart.