Holy City Turnings

Jeremy and Bethann Buchanan are the co-owners and cooperators of Holy City Turnings.  Jeremy’s hobby of wood turning while finishing his bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering soon turned into a small side business in 2018. He started turning pens which quickly turned to vases, bowls, jewelry, and much more.

Products made by Holy City Turnings are primarily made from local wood species, sourced from other small business in the local area. From this they make a variety of different products, each unique, such as pens, vases, bowls, coasters, jewelry, cuff links, rolling pins, cutting boards, and charcuterie boards.

While all products are made of wood, they also use other materials to make unique signature pieces. Some these materials include resin and hand-made metals such as gold, brass, and silver.

Jeremy and Bethann hope their beautifully created wood products bring you many years of use and joy, becoming family heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

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