Apis Mercantile

As they say, "it's been a long, strange, trip."  Liam and I first met as teenagers in Richmond, Virginia and found ourselves in Charleston, SC for our college years.  During college, we lived in a house in downtown Charleston that was filled with friends constantly trying their hands at new and interesting hobbies.   The house we lived in, an old, Civil War-era home with three stories, was situated next to a church and an open, undeveloped lot.  It was the perfect place to establish our very first backyard apiary and small produce garden.

Our first small apiary consisted of two hives and we gave most of the honey away to friends and family, but we made our very first sales to some local Charleston restaurants.  The bees became a constant in our lives, and we were fascinated by the endless toiling of the worker bees and the incredible honey they produced.

Several years after graduation, Liam and I returned to the bees that had fascinated us so much during our college years and founded Apis Mercantile with the goal of educating the public about the incredible spectrum of flavors that can be found in the honey world and a commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing practices.  We're thrilled to be partnered with so many wonderfully talented beekeepers and to be able to share their labor of love with all of you.  

It truly takes a hive. Thank you for being part of ours.

--John Berdux
   Apis Mercantile Co-Founder
Apis Mercantile
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