Art Coveralls

Art Coveralls: Merging Mark-making and the Sewn Form in Workwear

Multimedia works by past Visiting Artist Camela Guevara

The work presented in Art Coveralls: Merging Mark-making and the Sewn Form in Workwear, created by Camela Guevara emerges from an on-going investigation of painting, sewing, and pattern.

Guevara created Art Coveralls during her residency as a Visiting Artist in the Gibbes Museum in May 2021.The artist created digital paintings and then made them into repeating patterns to be printed onto fabric. She then cut and sewed these into workwear coveralls to demonstrate all of the skilled labor involved in clothing production while in the studio at the Gibbes Museum.

The work brings attention to fast-fashion and its effect on the livelihoods of the people who produce it, and as a result, how we value clothing. Textiles and fashion have always been labor-intensive, and while clothing has become cheaper, it is important to explore why.

Art Coveralls brings these concepts to life in whimsical fabrics and craftsmanship and demonstrates the work behind clothing that is often invisible and over-looked. The artist shows the joyful creation of another world where fashion is not destructive and harmful, instead full of delight and possibility.

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