Reynier Llanes, Passages Catalogue

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Passages presents the vibrant narrative paintings of Reynier Llanes an established Cuban American artist (b. Pinar del Rio, 1985) now based in the United States. Llanes combines and contrasts scenes from nature and daily life with a mystical and imaginative elegance. Drawing from his own memories and experience as an artist, an émigré, and an immigrant as well as his studies of literature, history, and science, Llanes invites viewers into unique dreamworlds. His explorations of personal and societal passages, both physical and spiritual, sensitively communicate common threads in humanity.  Currently living in Miami, Llanes spent six years working in Charleston.  This exhibition pulls from the artist's recent series of large-scale oil paintings, as well as his unique coffee watercolor paintings—a style he has dubbed "Expressionism."

Dimensions: 9 x 9 inches, 42 pages