Reusable & Erasable Paper Jaq Jaq Bird

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Reduce, reuse and erase with our Reusable & Erasable Paper, which comes as a set of 10 sheets that can be used on both sides. This product is versatile in that it can be used with chalk markers, traditional chalks, our award-winning ButterStix® or Wishy-Washy Markers and Mini Wishy Washy Markers. Frame it, cut it, hang it, gift it or illustrate, erase and create over and over again. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to erase and reuse.

• Reusable & erasable, reducing waste • Flexible & lightweight • Simply wipe clean with damp cloth • Set of 10 sheets • 13.7" x 10.9" per sheet • Non-toxic, free of BPA, and Phthalates • Ages 3+