Just a Bird Candles: 13 oz.

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Introducing 6 scents!

Poetic Jones. This scent reminds me of a 90’s love story. Scent notes include honey, bourbon, and brown sugar. This is definitely one of our best sellers.

The Ridge. The Ridge is bold. The Ridge is beautiful. The Ridge is one I hold near and dear because it was handcrafted with my son, Ridge, in mind. This too is another best seller. It’s masculine yet soft and luxurious. Scent notes include creamy vanilla, cedar wood, and musk. Ridge Kingsley, this one’s for you

Chardonnay Mami. This scent smells like brunch & mimosas on a sunny day. Scent notes include orange, peach, pineapple, and caramel.

Damn Gina. If you know, then you know. This candle needs no introduction. It smells like mom jeans and messy buns. A balanced combination of sandalwood, coconut, and creamy vanilla makes this one smell sooo good!

Looney Tunes. This scent will take you back to Saturday morning cartoons, early morning sunshine, and no cares in sight. With a fresh aroma of citrus cherry and sandalwood your childhood memories are sure to emerge. 

Golden Hour. Allow yourself to be enlightened with the soothing aromas of amber and tonka bean with a soft undertone of patchouli take all your cares away.