The Gibbes presents Figureground, Paintings by past Visiting Artist Adam Eddy from February 19 - April 11, 2021 in the Ruth and Bill Baker Art Sales Gallery.

Artist Statement

The works in this exhibition represent an exploration of the porous boundary between our bodies and the terrain we walk on. Our minds construct divisions between anatomy and the landscape. Through these borders flows a continuous stream, from inner self to the outer world. Animacy and inanimacy are grammatical and semantic ideas that can be stretched, distorted, and contradicted. How can we die when the earth is made of our flesh? How can we be born when our bones have been growing here the whole time? I am a transient cloud of experiences and emotion. You are a tree on a hill, a rock in a stream, a figure in the landscape.

About the Artist

Adam Eddy is an interdisciplinary artist based in Charleston, SC. His work ranges from painting and sculpture to computer graphics and immersive technology. He received his MFA in painting and drawing from Boston University and has taught in the Studio Art department at the College of Charleston. He is currently an MFA candidate in Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech. Eddy's work has been exhibited across the country in group and solo exhibitions. 

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