Stay Home COVID-19 Orders Open Doors to Family Fun

Posted by Lydia Brown on

With COVID-19 spiking across America, it is a good time for families to come together and embrace their creative sides. Sharing a puzzle or creating masterpieces is a great way to stay inside but also have fun with the people you love. 

Some say a great way to fight stir craziness is to avoid idle hands and I could not agree more. I'm sure we've all done about as much "spring cleaning" and binge watching as we can handle at this point and could use a change of pace. Consider a puzzle for yourself or an arts and crafts kit to keep the small artists in your life creative and inspired during this tough time. Here's a few things we recommend:

Puzzles and Activities for All Ages....

Areaware's collection of puzzles are unique and kooky. Encourage a screen time break with one of these  Gradient Puzzles or Little Puzzles Things which include all kinds of fun images like a pizza slice, hot dog, birthday cake, and even a gummy bear! 



Though not quite a puzzle, Areaware makes a collection of Blockitecture Sets for your child's inner architect or civil engineer. They will have a blast stacking and imagining between stay at home work assignments. 


Kid Made Modern has a wonderful array of crayons in fun shapes and sizes including their Rock Crayons and Gem Jackpot 12pk. They also favor arts and crafts kits that'll keep them having fun anytime and anywhere such as: On-the-Go Coloring Kits, Rainbow Weaving Kits, and Wooden Spaceship Kits. 



And there we have it for this week's Gibbes Boutique Blog. Stay home and stay safe! :)