Self-Love through Self-Care amid COVID-19 Crisis

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by Lydia Brown, Museum Engagement Specialist and Vendor Liaison 

During COVID-19 protocols and precautions, The Gibbes Museum of Art advises hand washing, sanitation, and some stay-at-home self-love. Right now, we are all experiencing stress and anxiety. So, we want you to remember to light a candle, enjoy a Lavender Chamomile eye pillow, or settle back with a mug of coffee for much needed detox in these tough times. 

If any of you are like me, working remotely doesn't alleviate the stress and pressure of living day-to-day with the knowledge of COVID-19. I wanted to write a short blog post to kick-off the Gibbes Museum Store Blog and promote self-love through self-care. 

What some of the Gibbes Staff are using to stay positive at home.....

The Contents Co. Candles, Mists, and Soaks        

"When the Gibbes Museum made the difficult but safe decision to close, I immediately stocked up on a new Viola candle by local makers The Contents Co. I have burned through many of these candles since they became a staple at the Museum Store. I not only love the subtle scent, but the aesthetic of the minimal label and being able to see the candle as it melts down is soothing to me. Jeanette and Beau at The Contents Co. believe "botanic goods improve your daily ritual. A natural approach to a synthetic age." I could not agree more, especially as we are working from home and staring at our screens more than ever while trying to stay this candle towards the end of my day reminds me to unplug and relax." - Erin Nathanson, Director of Contemporary Initiatives and Public Engagement

Gibbes Journal: Mrs. Barnard Elliott Jr.

"When I am not working for The Gibbes, I have a lot of side projects and this can make it difficult to relax. I'll admit I am restless by nature. So, I journal as a way to stay sane. Even if I write one sentence a day or just copy quotes I find inspiring, putting thoughts to paper sets my mind at ease. I think of it as a dumping of whatever is clouding my head. It really really helps. This Gibbes Journal has the image of Mrs. Barnard Elliott Jr. looking quite stylish and luxurious in her wedding dress for a unique cover you can only find at the Gibbes! It comes unlined so you can intersperse sketches with your words if you feel so inclined." - Lydia Brown Museum Engagement Specialist and Vendor Liaison. 

 Black is Beautiful Coffee Mug

"Part of my self-care routine is getting up early enough to have "a morning." For me that means a quiet cup of hot coffee while I sit on the couch and prepare my mind for the day and my body for a run. I bought a special mug that reads "Black is Beautiful" at the Gibbes Museum Store and it has become an important part of that routine, and a wonderful daily affirmation. The Gibbes Store has a wonderful array of mug designs and they all make drinking that morning cup a little more special." - Chase Quinn, Program and Tour Coordinator 

More Self-Care Recommendations

1) Paige Hathaway Thorn: Herbal Eye Pillows

Paige Hathaway Thorn Silk Eye Pillows are filled with lavender buds and chamomile. As added therapy, they can be kept in a refrigerator or put in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Every friend I have bought these for has nothing but good things to say. 

2) Motherland Essentials: All Natural Soaps

Andrea Davis' Motherland Essentials products connect nurture and nature to provide a healthy, natural, and affordable option for optimal skin care. Andrea, a mother and wife, is a local and dedicated to her craft. Don't take my word for it, check out her process in the short video below...

3) MacBailey Candle Co. 8 oz and 12 oz Candles         

MacBailey candles are made locally by a husband and wife team priding themselves on being environmentally-friendly without sacrificing quality. Oakmoss and Amber is our best-selling scent! Photo courtesy of Deep South Social

4) Relaxing Reads: Art as Therapy, Becoming Invisible, and On Colour

There are a few books that promote using art and color as a mode of therapy. We suggest Art as Therapy by Alain De Botton (Philosopher) and John Armstrong (Art Historian) and Becoming Invisible and On Colour by Ian Whittlesea (Artist and Author). Each selection reveals how art can be used in our lives for therapy, not just general enjoyment.                 

Be sure to check out some of these products for your own journey to Self-Love through Self-Care!