The Midnight Society Enamel Pin: Gibbes Collection

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The Gibbes Museum of Art x The Midnight Society Enamel Pin Collection

Celebrating the beauty of the Gibbes Museum’s Beaux Art architecture as well as one of the most beloved and well-known pieces in the permanent collection these pins will look stylish on a jean jacket to a seersucker suit.

About the pins

The Rotunda Dome

Supported by steel ribs and lead cross bars, the Gibbes Museum’s Rotunda Dome is a stunning architectural piece comprised of hand-cut stained glass. The Midnight Society focused on the hypnotizing rings of color when standing directly under the dome and the sun is shining through. We personally love the reflective quality of this pin

Veiled Lady by Pietro Rossi, 1882

Given to the Museum in the early 1900’s, the "Veiled Lady" illustrates a theme which was very popular in the second half of the nineteenth century: the illusion of the diaphanous drapery. The Midnight Society eloquently captured each fold of her veil as well as the scalloped edges framing the bust

Which permanent collection pieces would you like to see as a enamel pin?