Scrap Silhouette by Leigh Magar of Madame Magar

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About the Work

Indigo dyed scrap fabric and painted with indigo paint
11 x 7 inches

"My Scrap Silhouettes were inspired by The Gibbes Museum's miniature portrait collection. The indigo dipped dress scrap portraits are images of inspirational women who have a presence with the Gibbes and Charleston. During my residency I created Scrap Silhouettes of Louise Nevelson whose empowering exhibition "A Dark Place of Dreams" was on display along with teaching artist Corrie McCallum and Eliza Luca Pinckney. The hand-stitched indigo pieces also transition to wearable art pieces as part of my "seed to stitch" project on John's Island." - Leigh Magar of Madame Magar

About the Artist

Leigh Magar was born in Spartanburg, SC, when it was still known as a textile mill town. She studied millinery/hat-making at F.I.T.—the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York—while working as a maid and later assisting Hatter Rod Keenan in Harlem. Magar moved back south to Charleston, SC, in 1995 to open a hat shop: Magar Hatworks. Magar sold hats to Barney’s NY, Isetan Japan, and The Hat Shop/SOHO. Her work gained national press from many magazines such as the New York Times and Martha Stewart Magazine. Celebrity clients included Elvis Costello, Michael Stipe, and Padma Lakshmi.

In 2015, Magar moved to rural Johns Island and created a new label: inspired by art, nature, folkways, and history. She created a “seed to stitch” project inspired by Eliza Lucas Pinckney—planting indigo and utilizing wild indigo (found during a morning walk) to use for one of a kind dresses, textile art, and accessories.

As a textile artist and designer, Magar is interested in exploring the place's past by utilizing overlooked or discarded (scrap) resources while embracing the future through innovative ideas, techniques, and methodology.
Leigh Magar participated in the Gibbes Museum Visiting Artist program from November 27, 2018 - January 3, 2019.

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