Quench: Reflections on God, Art, Water, Desire and Equality

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Get Quench, the 11" x 8 1/2" Full Color, soft cover book, featuring the entire collection of Quench Project artwork, along with dozens of photos, beautifully designed and written by Robert Maniscalco.

The Quench Project began as a fundraising venture to support the people of Haiti, who continue to struggle years after the 2010 earthquake.  It started with a question: how could I use my God-given gifts to further His mission on Earth?  I utilized crowd-sourcing to pay for my trip to Haiti in November of 2014. While in Haiti, I took photos, shot video and made sketches.  From those, I have created paintings, a short documentary and this book, exploring our shared journey from darkness to light. It speaks to the tenacity of the surviving spirit. - Robert Maniscalco