Margerite & Motte: Duchess Studs

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Each stud is hand crafted from real oysters found on Battery Beach, Charleston, SC. The shapes and sizes will vary slightly, but fit the same aesthetic.

After discovering the beautifully delicate oyster shells on The Battery beach, she decided to transform them into wearable art.  Her use of the shells is a tribute to their natural beauty and the beauty of her new found home of Charleston, SC.  "Margarite" was once used as another name for a pearl. "Marguerite" is a family name that I have always loved, and thought would be perfect to incorporate into my business name. "Margerite" is the blended result."Motte" is a tribute to one of my dogs. He loves to jump and swim on The Battery beach, where I found all of the beautiful shells I make into jewelry. "Motte" is a historic Charleston family name and is the name of my dog's father. Margerite & Motte is the perfect blend of my family, my dogs and my city.