From Chaos to Order

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From Chaos to Order: Greek Geometric Art from the Sol Rabin Collection is a new approach to the subject of the rebirth of Greek art in the Geometric period (c. 900–700 B.C.). The Sol Rabin Collection provides decisive new evidence for this investigation, revealing the structural and thematic factors that comprised the Greek idea of beauty (kallos). This catalogue accompanies the exhibition held at the Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg (November 7, 2020–April 4, 2021). The principles established in the art of the Geometric period formed the basis of Greek art throughout classical antiquity. Symmetry, balanced opposition, and the distillation of form to its essence are its key characteristics, while its themes are often derived from the epic tradition, the Iliad and the Odyssey. With an interpretive essay, entries on each work, and all-new photography, this volume is a sourcebook for a foundational moment in Greek art history.