Lil Bit Lit: Elliot and the Moonship

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Elliot and the Moonship takes readers on a memorable adventure as a grandfather shows his sweet-but-skeptical grandson that it’s possible to touch the moon.

Written by Alice Heinrich and Illustrated by Chris Nickels

The beautiful, colorful journey leads them through the woods where they discover the awe-inspiring power of nature, the bonds of family, and the wondrous realization that, indeed, anything is possible. “The story is so important and personal to me because I grew up in a community immersed in the beauty of nature,” says author Alice Heinrich. “To me, home is not the constant chatter of a television, the ring of a cellphone, or the blue light of a computer screen. Home is my natural surroundings, and the people I share them with. I hope Elliot and the Moonship inspires children to go out and explore their surroundings, and to discover their home.”